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Star Trek VI Actor "Sleepy Klingon"
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                           MINE GAME 

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                           MUTANT SPECIMEN L

published by Eternal Press

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A thriller fantasy novel

                                           FOREVER STAINED

            A mystery suspense romance novel

spernatural suspense, female driven

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 * A TV Pilot screenplay based partly Cemetery has just been completed.


                               TASTED MAGAZINE 

staff writer - view 24 articles on-line www.tastedonline.com

                             BORDEAUX, NEW YORK MAGAZINE

David primarily writes about "Celebrities and Wine." His 25 + articles include: 


--Broadway and Wine -- numerous Broadway acting stars talk about their love of wine and also some humorous stories from the stage.

--Gary Newman, President of 20th Century Fox Television and founder of Jorian Hill Winery

--Arturo Sandoval - A chat over a cigar and wine with world renowned trumpeter from Cuba

--Tao Las Vegas--David visits the world's largest grossing restaurant/nightclub

--Townhouse Galleria--7-Star hotel -- David stays at the famed hotel in Milan. . .one of only two 7-Star hotels in the world

--Chasing Cognac-- a 24-hour race marathon to hit all the top cognac bars in NYC

 --etc. 20 more articles

(to read the articles on-line, go to www.tastedonline.com


My screenplays and "treatments" for sceenplays that were optioned, SOLD, or WORK FOR HIRE       ASSIGNMENTS: 

    --The Javelin - optioned

    --The Tarnished Medal - optioned

    --Full Ratchet - work for hire treatment assignment, collaborative    

    --Canterberry Farms- work for hire treatment assignment, collaborative

    -- several dialogue and/or ghost writing assignments


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