David Orange
Star Trek VI Actor "Sleepy Klingon"


                           David Orange

     Born and raised in the small western Pennsylvania industrial town of Jeannette, David was a noted high school basketball and football player who attended Wake Forest University on a football scholarship. After being a starting lineman on their undefeated Freshman football team, he transferred to California State University for basketball and became a starting forward and in his junior year earned honorable mention all-league honors.  Upon graduation, he became an elementary public school teacher in the Washington D.C. area for one year before moving to Arizona to teach at a private high school.  It was while out West that a casting director asked lanky David if he'd like to portray a Texas Ranger in a western movie with "one word" of dialogue.  Orange's acceptance had him becoming intrigued with the film-making process, and several other small film and TV roles followed.

    The following year he moved to Hollywood to give acting a serious try--though continuing to teach in the L.A. public schools. Bit parts in movies and TV continued for David until he performed in his first stage play... and his pursuit of acting would take him on another wondrous voyage.  A film director seeing David on stage encouraged him to give the New York theatre a try.  David did, and the advice paid off.

     Orange has co-starred in two Broadway plays--Knockout, opposite Oscar nominee actor Danny Aiello, the other Torch Song Trilogy, alongside Harvey Fierstein who won the Tony Award for Best Actor and also Best Play.

     Over a 30-year career, David had acted in nearly 300 television commercials, numerous film credits: TV episodic guest starring roles, Movies of the Week and several feature films-- among them Star Trek VI--the Undiscovered Country.  His humorous cameo appearance as "Sleepy Klingon" Wolten has developed a Trekkie/Sci Fi fan following.


     Also having a long-time passion for writing, David has published numerous magazine articles--among them a wine, food, and entertainment magazine Tasted, writes screenplays, and recently has had published his fourth novel, a science fiction thriller MUTANT SPECIMEN L. His other works include thriller/romance MINE GAME (Ebook and paper) a science fiction suspense thriller THE POWDER MERCHANT, (4 Highest Star Ratings from noteworthy critics who agree that its plot concept is one of the most original seen in years. Recently he had published via Web-E-Books a small novelette THIS CEMETERY IS MINE, about a man who, mistakingly buried alive, survives with the ability to speak to the spirits of the deceased.

David divides his time between New York City and Florida.