David Orange
Star Trek VI Actor "Sleepy Klingon"
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                            MUTANT SPECIMEN  L                                                                          A novella published by Eternal Press

An Amazon Book and EBook (2.99)

     A grotesque powerful lab creature capable of medical marvels escapes, but continues to share a magical relationship with a small boy.

                                      CRITICAL REVIEWS

"A powerfully insightful story that goes into the possibilities of genetic manipulations and mutations...This fast-paced, action/adventure goes beyond mere science fiction into the realm of the speculative fiction...The result is devastatingly gruesome and downright scary." 

          --Emily-Jane Hill Oxford- reviewer for Prairie Journal and also Writers Who Rock


"Star Trek and sci-fi fans should know: David Orange has come a long way from his Sleepy Klingon days in Star Trek VI, and this venture into "horror with a heart" is a spellbinder with ignored science fiction overtones of our lives. His fourth tale is part "Frankenstein," part "Devil in the Dark"--and all based on a real-world eco-crisis that is truly looming in Florida. Grab "Mutant Specimen L" before it grabs you."

                   Larry "Dr. Trek" Nemecek,best-selling author of "The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion."

                                 FOREVER STAINED

                  A novel by Simon and Shuster/Amazon Books

paperback $6.99 (2018)

Celebrity Carla Cobra's painful past resurfaces when she's sent a play script titled "Mine Game"-- a disturbing drama thinly disguising how her stepbrother Andy, a land mine engineer in war, died at the hands of an American soldier-- his soulmate. Carla, raging over the playwright's gall, does everything possible to prevent her family from learning of this, and god forbid of her secret relationship with Andy! Playwright Jeremy Jenson, with his private war journal as bait, lures her to perform in the play, bringing back to life for Carla painful memories...just as her younger, volatile stepbrother, out for blood, stalks his prey for a showdown. Can their father save this surviving family over the secret that refuses to die?


                           This Cemetery is Mine

                          a novelette by David Orange

Web-E-Books   $1.99

A man buried alive in the famed Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn not only survives but is now able to communicate with the Spirits there, becoming more than just a medium to tormented souls with unfinished business.