David Orange
Star Trek VI Actor "Sleepy Klingon"
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                            MUTANT SPECIMEN  L                                                                          A novella published by Eternal Press

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     A grotesque powerful lab creature capable of medical marvels escapes, but continues to share a magical relationship with a small boy.

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"A powerfully insightful story that goes into the possibilities of genetic manipulations and mutations...This fast-paced, action/adventure goes beyond mere science fiction into the realm of the speculative fiction...The result is devastatingly gruesome and downright scary." 

          --Emily-Jane Hill Oxford- reviewer for Prairie Journal and also Writers Who Rock


"Star Trek and sci-fi fans should know: David Orange has come a long way from his Sleepy Klingon days in Star Trek VI, and this venture into "horror with a heart" is a spellbinder with ignored science fiction overtones of our lives. His fourth tale is part "Frankenstein," part "Devil in the Dark"--and all based on a real-world eco-crisis that is truly looming in Florida. Grab "Mutant Specimen L" before it grabs you."

                   Larry "Dr. Trek" Nemecek,best-selling author of "The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion."


                           This Cemetery is Mine

                          a novelette by David Orange

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A man buried alive in the famed Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn not only survives but is now able to communicate with the Spirits there, becoming more than just a medium to tormented souls with unfinished business.