David is known for:

His humorous portrayal as Sleepy Klingon in the hit film “Star Trek VI”, has also starred in the comedy spoof “When Nature Calls” and performed in 300 television commercials. On the Broadway stage, his credits include co-starring in “Knockout” and the Tony Award Winning “Torch Song Trilogy.” David is also a writer with two novels and three short stories published along with twenty-five magazine articles.

…also as a VOICE OVER ACTOR:

Lending his voice to TV/Radio commercials, films and book readings.

…and a four-time published NOVELIST, Journalist of 25 articles, an optioned screenplay and more :

Just released from MILFORD HOUSE:

LONG JOHN: THE LONGEST STRIDE – a biographical novel

The Inspirational True Story of “Long John” Woodruff, Gold Medal Winner at the 1936 Berlin “Hitler” Olympics. Watch video of John Woodruff’s 1936 Gold Medal Race.

Shambala: Portal to Paradise

Feature in Development with:

A lonely young dude joins forces with a mysterious out-of-this-world beauty to battle powerful, dark forces conspiring to control humanity.

They are joined by an eccentric Native American shaman, a Rasta taxi driver, a rising star lobbyist, an addled 90-year-old Navy veteran and a motley band of sleeper cells to penetrate some of the secret government’s most sinister projects.  

These wars play out in the black op centers of Washington, DC, the spiritual grids of Sedona, Arizona, and a magical kingdom right under our noses. All the while, an unlikely love story unfolds with operatic passion and poetry yet doomed by profane lusts of the powerful.

Created and Co-written by David Orange

More than just the Sleepy Klingon